Botany Interview

September 2016 -Application for Botany Volunteer accepted and a trip into World Museum Liverpool for the Interview.  It was lovely to meet Geraldine, Donna and Wendy, and the prospective volunteers were taken for a tour of the Herbarium.


The projects offered to us include: Documentation, Specimen Mounting, Digitisation, Library Work and Collections Care, all of which will help to give increased accessibility of the collections and will facilitate scientific research.  A range of  activities allow volunteers to work to their specialisms and to learn more about conservation.  Such tasks include:

  • Creating records within Mimsy XG database
  • Preparing and mounting specimens following best practice criteria
  • Researching and imaging botanical collections
  • Editing images on the Image Management System (IMS)
  • Production of new folders and labels as required
  • Re-organising specimens
  • Re-shelving and classifying new books to Dewey Decimal Classification 21
  • Labelling reprint collection

Having long been interested in the Natural Sciences, I am delighted to have this post, and look forward to blogging my progress.


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